Who is TravelBird

What we do

We inspire travellers to discover new places with a fresh, daily selection of thoughtfully-curated travel packages. From far away dream trips to a quick, conveniently-discounted weekend getaway, TravelBird always offers affordable and well-organised travel happiness that fits any suitcase, and any budget.

Together with our partners, we provide authentic travel experiences that invite our curious customers to discover what makes a place unique.

Who we are

Based in Amsterdam, we are an international team of over 300 enthusiastic, entrepreneurial travel specialists. Our Partner Sales team works directly with hoteliers and experience providers across the world to create inspiring packages.

We promote these trips through personalised marketing campaigns across multiple channels in all of the 11 markets in which we operate, targeting the right audience at the right time and increasing your visibility.

After 8 years, we know what our travellers are looking for, and we enjoy working closely with our partners to help them find it - their travel happiness.


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