What happens after you’ve signed up?

Your Account Manager will review your application and decide to either approve, decline or request more specifics. During this time, you are not able to make any changes.

When a Account Manager approves the sign up, you can directly make use of the Extranet to manage your property and make changes. You are completely responsible for the information you have filled in, and you are also responsible for keeping the information up to date.
If you wish to make a change, edit the information in the Extranet, click on the save button at the bottom of the page, and press the ‘submit changes’ button in the top right corner. Next, check if the information you’ve entered is correct, before clicking on the ‘submit changes for approval’ button in the bottom right corner. Once you’ve submitted you will not be able to make any more modifications until your Account Manager reviews the changes you’ve made. They will decide to either approve, decline or you will be invited to correct the data if the information you’ve entered in incorrect.
TravelBird doesn’t have access to make any changes in the information added by you. This way, we can assure the information will be of the highest quality so that our travellers are serviced in the best possible way.

Do you have any questions about the Extranet? Contact your Sales Support at salessupport@travelbird.com

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